5.18 Update


* Fixed monsters that were not cleared after defeating a boss

* Fixed sound effects for interactions

* Fixed localization in the change character screen

* Fixed some monsters were shooting the wrong way

* Fixed some cases where monsters were stuck

* Pets bullet now do not use player bullet element

* Dying boss now no longer blocks the player and or cause damage to player

* player no longer stuck in taking hit animation

* Fixed a visual bug of secret room crack

* Fixed wall worm getting knocked off from the wall

* Item rewarded from the unlock tree now does not spawn again in the same run

* Fixed most of the broken items with blank icon and/or description

* Fixed Items become non-interactable when overlapping with the shop owner

* now you can no longer enter then immediately exit the boss room

* High resolution with gamepad virtual cursor now works

* Fixed player getting stuck between an object and wall

* Fixed most bullet firing pet's behaviour

* Fixed some cases where laser weapons do not shoot straight



* Updated some audio effects

* Updated nodes on the unlock tree

* Rebalanced some overpowered items

* Reworked visual effects for machine type monsters


Neon Abyss Demo 5.18.zip 126 MB
May 18, 2019

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