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I bought the anubis head and the game now always gets stuck on the loading screen :(

I love this. i will put this on my site to promote.

Very cool game so far. I'm shocked that this was a free download. I'm guessing that it's still in development? How is this "demo" different than the release version?

I love this game already


Really fun, really replayable. I hope this game go's really far.

Thank you. Us too.

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i can't find how to open the game in files?!!!

for the new neon abyss demo

The demo was updated. Have take a look

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Is this the new ETG?


Binding of isaac mechanics with rogue legacy/dungreed platforming and the cherry on the top, dead cells pixel graphics! what a great ******* game. 

Bug: I died as i was jumping on a jump pad and i had the item that respawns with half a heart. just kept bouncing couldnt move. doubt you need bug info for demo but just incase.

Thanks for the report!

Part 3 (final episode) I REALLY enjoyed the demo!! It was a lot of fun.

I made a part 2 and there's also a third part that's going up today at 2:30PM est. I had a lot of fun playing this demo!!

Great video


Super fun game, great art, music, and gameplay. I keep picking this back up even though its just the demo. I can tell a great deal of inspiration came from Enter the Gungeon, which is one of my favorite games of all time. I love the platformer take on it as well, it really gives a new gameplay experience to an intricate bullet hell suspense. I absolutely can't wait for the full game to be released. Amazing work, keep it up!


I thought his name was George, damn my dyslexia!! 😅 Loving it so far!!

Not really a fan of the genre, but this looks genuinely interesting and exciting!


Platformer with shooting mechanics is actually unusual. But thanks!

cant wait till it comse out


I don't normally play These type of games but this one looked good so I gave it a shot and i must say i really liked it it's a well done game. If you would like to see my playthrough here it is:

enjoy 😉👍

This is genuinely some pretty awesome stuff. I'm really looking forward to this game's release! One question, though. Any plans to possibly release this game on Mac in the future?

Yes, it will be released on Mac. Thanks!

New Update In..i dont know new update is out?


Is the update out?

it's out now

Deleted post

Sorry the new update is delayed a few days.

Absolutely loved this game! So fun, fast paced, aesthetic was awesome, and music was great!

Noticed a couple bugs, mainly being being able to fly can be a benefit and can kill you, since you can't just move down from a platform.

I think there was only one other bug I noticed, and that was some of the smaller crawling enemies can just keep walking off a platform and stay at the same elevation, like they're flying. Not like a deadly bug like the not flying down from platforms, but still a weird one to see.

Made a video even though it says this demo's not the best for youtube, but I just couldn't wait anymore. Hope you enjoy! 

Thanks for the video!


Игра классная, есть мелкие недочеты, но в целом хорошо :)


Je kiffe les néons bleus et roses!

The Game Have a Lot Of Potential And It's Very Good,The Only Problem Is That It Has a Lot Of Bugs That Can Kill Your Run,I Was Playing And Got a Item That Made Me Fly And Then I Just Got Bugged In The Ground,Being Stuck In a Room And Then The Only Thing I Could Do Is Quit Of The Game.

Bug will be fixed on next version. :D

i like the artstyle and gameplay, BUT i don't know why but the jumping button is wtf for me, sometimes it doesn't work and the system configuration? i have got a dedicated video card and in nvidia inspector i switch from integrated to dedicated card to this game too-dunno why it started with intel hd have got intel i5 inside 4k generaion, 4 gb ram-don't say a 2d pixel game needs more and an nvidia geforce 840M-what coud run much more beautifull games from Doom-in 720p but it was 30-40fps and Assassin's creed Unity so...i don't understand the 30-40fps in gameplay and after every start 10-20fps in the beginning after i launched for nearly 1 minute

So the game will be really good...and i found the estus flask--damn i'm a dark souls fan xD

It's an early build. But we will fix those problem before when its released. Sorry about made you uncomfortable.

THX for answer Dev(s)!

I really like the aesthetics and music of this game. I'll be recommending it to friends to try. Can't wait to play the full release!



second and third eps of the week

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A few questions/comments about this game: What are the crystals for? I'd assume they're for the "character ability" thing supposedly bound to RMB or left shift, but it's not activating, and I can't find any other use for them. Secondly, I've found multiple different items that had the same tooltip and seemingly the same effect (more gun damage(King Kong/Devil Horns), and multi-shot(Lion Head/something else)), is that intentional? Finally, would it be possible to add an option to disable or reduce blood and gore? Personally I don't mind it but my family is really sensitive about that to the point of seeing even minor blood and thinking I'm playing Psychopath Simulator 2019. Also, as a side-note, the enemy bullets kinda get lost in the glaringly bright neon spam that your gun fires after a couple of items. Maybe force enemy shots to be on the top layer, thus making them show up all the time, rather than being covered up by your shots? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your feedback, we will consider that. Btw the crystals are used for abilities, but you have to get one in game.

Ah, okay. Thanks!

Can't download.

Thanks for the Steam Key!


this one is really amazing rogue game. i really into hotline miami, nuclear throne, bidning of issac series and this one got into my acc now.

im making series for this game now!!!

follow me and veewo to find more awesomeness of this game

it's fun and challenging. the randomized area is really nice, and keeps enemy variations different. the only complaint(which is a small one) is the mouse ui. the character doesn't quite fire in the direction where the mouse is. I point down, and the character is pointed either to the right or bottom right. 

Sorry, this is caused by screen resolution. Please use 1920x1080, we will fix this in later version.

This game looks awesome,  keep it up mate!

the best dungeon game I have every played. 10/10

It's just like The Binding of Isaac, which is a good thing. I'm looking forward to playing the full game.

Great game from great developers. I honestly thought it would feel alot like Super Phantom Cat (since it's the same developers) but nope. This is obviously totally different and it's freakin' great.

Wow it’s really amazing to meet old friend here XD

This is the best rogue like I have run into yet. 10/10

how do you use a ps4 controller on this

You probably can't. So the easiest solution is to either play with keyboard and mouse or with an xbox controller.

Sorry it’s only for Xbox controller now

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