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I'm not usually a fan of rouge like games, but this was a  lot of fun. I love the  aesthetic, and the way it handled for the most part.  Jumping feels a bit weird to me, I'm gonna agree with those that are mentioning mid air control would be well appreciated.

My biggest concern though was the fact I would find spots that have a key or chest that are out of reach. Like I should have a double jump available to me. Not sure if there is an item that allows double jump, or it was an issue of the item spawning in a bad/unreachable place.

I also couldn't look at or change items/powers like the menu said I could. Might just be due to  this being a demo. 

So far I'm excited to see where this game ends up when it's finished.

You will find a lot of items help you jump higher or jump multiple times, even fly. But yes we should put these places in the deeper level. And the menu will be added in the next update. Thanks for your feedback!

After entering a portal i got this's a known bug. Sorry for that.

oh i got lots more without screenshot and dont be sorry i know its still in development.....

we can back out from a boss fight and that introduces things like this or we can get invulnerable bosses or one hit kill bosses and some guns dont show up on preview just a white box

nice game design though...

OMG using right thumbstick to aim and shoot in the same time feel so good surprisingly ! But I think character falling speed is but too quick IMO, because sometime I want to do more maneuver in the mid air

We have spent lots of time to improve control and will keep doing that. Thanks for your feedback.

Definately need discritpions of the items in the shop.   It's a good game, I wouldn't say epic though.  

Thanks! We will consider that....

holy crap man, this game is amazing, try to make it affordable though lmao, free would be absolutely amazing, would get alot of downloads since it is too, small indie paid games on steam dont go very far

i could definitely see this getting to popular on steam though

Thanks! This will be a paid game in steam but won't be expensive tho.

Made a video


Thanks for your video! Well played!

I like this game, it's perfect. I would only add a description of the objects in the shop.

Thank you! There will be a inventory in game for players to check what items they got in the next version.


The game is really cool, a lot of potential. The thing that bothered me the most is the lack of coyote time for the jumps, i was missing a lot of jumps because of that and is quite frustrating. Another thing is enemy spawn, they take a second to appear, and sometimes, if i keep moving when entering the level, the enemy would spawn on top of me and deal some unfair damage. The bit coin boss will push you against the wall but when that happens his first attack can not deal any damage. The default controller config is not great for shooting and jumping. 

That said, i had fun playing, with a bit of work i can see this becoming a very solid entry on the action roguelike genre. 

Thanks for playing and reviewing! We are working hard on these issues, some of them are bugs and also we will provide control config for players.

Been following you guys on twitter for a while. Game looks great!

Thanks XD

Wow it so epic :0

other person:no its not its trash  

Me:i swear to god if you say another word... 

hahahaha thanks dude

this game picture is so cool :)

This reminded me alot of enter the gungeon but it had its own twists, it was awesoem and great, good job!
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I have a big problem, I installed the game, and it seems to be so good, but when I open the game and enter to the gameplay, I can't see my character, I mean, I can to shoot, throw bombs, jump, everything, but I can't to see my character(I can't see any character), any solution friend Veewo? PD: I use App

What OS are you using? What is your screen resolution?

I love the game so far but sometimes i have the bug that if I enter a new room i am disabled to shoot.

Thanks! Do you have any screenshot or more details about this bug?


Holy crap this game looks so fun, could see myself playing it for hours.


Hope you enjoy it

when will it hit steam

Maybe a few months later


Looks incredible, will it come to Linux?


Sorry, we don't have this plan yet.


No problem, if you do decide to support Linux do reach out to me directly as I would be happy to cover it:

Great, we will.

Looks beautiful

Added to whishlist

Thanks dude

This looks so dope! ToT Super excited to play this.

good game

So is this the end? no final boss in the map


Sorry this is a bug, we have fixed it in the latest version. 

Really enjoyed this :) 

Thanks for your video! I like your thumbnail lol

Thanks bud :) can't believe I didn't notice the email at the bottom to get the YouTuber version lol, but hey I'm hooked regardless. will be getting this when it's available

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This game looks so cool. I have two bugs to report:

1. if you keep w pressed after jumping the spacebar does not make you jump (mutex?)

2. Sometime when yuou die and restart the game, the first room is complitely black. If i go to another room just going left i enter the new room normally. If i go back to the first room again the game windows shows a strange moving landscape of the sea (wtf?). 

I go back to the second room again and this time i get stucked as there are no enemies but the exit doors are closed. So weird.


Thanks for your reports, we will check these issues and fix them. Thanks again.

Itch dot Io Indies) Neon Abyss: The Digital Age of Rogue

As aforementioned in my previous comment you can now see me bumble around this amazing roguelike. It’s not without it’s teething problems but the fact that it’s in an early development build must be considered.

For clarification the gameplay featured in this video is from the freely available build. I do however want to ask how is the influencer version different from the freely accessible version? Also is there a current stream embargo on this game as I wish to share the gameplay via Twitch and share the fun i’ve been having 😸

To summarise my thoughts however I will simply state a quote from my video:

‘If Neon Abyss isn’t on your radar it should be. If you’re not playing the Neon Abyss demo, you should be’


Thanks for your video, well played! There are still lots of bugs, but we are working on it. The influencer version have more content than this one, you can reach the 5th level.

Just wanted to point out a few issues 1. you can still move during loading screens, doing this during a boiss battle can allow you to leave the fight,m the door reamins open, and if you hide in the doorway, the boss can glitch through the walls and be lost forever.

2. The Destroyer weapon is TOO SLOW and doesn't deal nearly enough damage to warrant the terrible firing rate, in addition to iut DEALING DAMAGE TO YOU.  It's literally the worst weapon. 

3. The coins required to enter a slot door need to be lowered, 5 coins a pull is too much considering you can do it upwards of 5 times, and sometimes you just get a chest with nothing in it. Not cool.

4. There's far too many objects you auto pickup,  and some require you to hit RB to pick them up. Why not have EVERY item pickup with RB? Sometimes I wanna see what the items are before I decide. 

5. Other than these issue, game is pretty good. Work on the loading screens, you cvan see your character in the previous area when moving to a new level, and during a boss fight this can cause a softlock issue.

6. " Press A to quit to desktop ( with controller ) WHY!? A is the ACCEPT button for MANY games, liek 5 times I've hit A to enter the game, and it closes. Please change that to something less likely to be hit? IOt's also B in the main pause screen, imagine getting to the end, and hittin B to exit the pause menu ( as most games do ) and it quits you to desktop.

7. retry in the option - needed.


Thanks for your feedback, that helps a lot. We will make it better in the later version.


THIS GAME IS A BLAST!! YOU SHOULD FINISH THIS GAME ASAP!! A question though, will this game be free or should it be bought like games nowadays? Just asking. I'll continue playing this and it works perfectly!! Keep up the GOOD WORK!! <3


It will be a paid game. Thanks for your playing and loving!

Hey Guys i make a Gameplay Video of the Game (german) have a look. Deutsches Angezockt, schaut mal rein Leute.

Thanks for your video! It's very interesting!

thank you :)

I like the neon theme you got going on! Everything is looking good! Just finish the demo great game! That's cool you use Aseprite , I use that same program for art!

 Thank you for your approval. Yes, we are using Aseprite

IT'S SO COOL!!!AMAZING GAME!!!   I've featured you on the homepage.

WOW.  That will help us a lot.

Amazing Game!

Deleted 1 year ago

IT might be a screen resolution issue, what is your screen resolution?

Could you please provide me a screenshot for that?

yes. all of this.


My computer automatically removed it because it had a virus in it


No issues here

cool game

I cant play the game I open the file (btw its not a rar file) and it just says something is missing would you like to search in store I hit yes nothing happens

Pure awesome! I understand that this is a still in development demo, but damn is it good so far! There were a few platforms I couldn't reach and I have a feeling there's a double jump upgrade hidden in there somewhere, I just never found it. The art style is awesome, the music is fantastic, the sound design is heavy and impactful and the gameplay is spot on! The only two things I wish were in here were some kind of dodge, since heath can be a little scare and enemies like to bunch up on you, and the ability to check the effects of the items you have. Other than that, this is just so damn good!


Hey Coal, Thanks for your advise. If you wanna require a exclusive demo for influencers, just let me know. send me email:


yeah dude there where wings you could get , i got them on my first play through

Hi there! First of all CONGRATULATION guys, because this game is just amazing! It brought back so much good memories from games I used to play on Miniclip back in the days. The gameplay is just great, the music is DOPE! I love the different guns, and it's a really challenging game! Again Wow, keep it up! 

Have you considered participating in our Game Developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details:

Why not!

It'll only be a day or two until you can watch me bumble around in your shifting labyrinth of a roguelite shooter but I just can't contain my need to let you know how good a job you've done with this. The feeling of finding gaming gems like this where the creators have obviously put in the time and have a passion for their project is exactly why I started doing indie gaming reviews and gameplay videos in the first place <3


Thanks for your loving! Maybe you can join our Discord

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This game is absolutely brilliant. It is everything that I have ever wanted; bullethell, action, dungeoncrawler, roguelite, everything, all blended perfectly. Everything about the game is just unbelievably polished and fun. To help you understand this game, I have created the following list of all things that are done perfectly:

- Items (Wow, cool)
- More items (How are there so many unique items?)
- Bosses (It's got animations, heaps of attacks and phases? Sign me up.)
- Graphics (And they nailed the graphics? HOW?)
- Enemies (What the hell is that thing... KILL IT)
- Unique generation (Hey, I found a seeeecret)
- The whole game (Where do I fault it?)

Also, just a minor bug report; when I entered a room, I managed to get stuck behind the closing doors that seal you in. I wasn't trying to get stuck, it just happened. I also got stuck in a room that closed doors, but didn't spawn enemies, so now I can't reopen the doors. 

Also, the slot machine door felt rigged against me... 

If anyone needs me, I'm gonna be playing this for the next few days.

Thanks! Please join our Discord if you like the game

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